US Coast Guard Seattle

The mission of Base Seattle is to provide its tenants, visitors and outlying customers with a wide range of services in support of Coast Guard operations

The first cutters came to the Northwest in the 1850’s and home ported in Port Angeles and Port Townsend. Cutters rarely came into Seattle until the late 1800’s. Up through World War II the cutters were home ported all along the Seattle waterfront. After the war, cutters still tied up at Pier 70 and other moorings, in addition to the Navy’s Pier 91 and the old "North Base" on the south side of the Ship Canal just inside the Locks acquired with the integration of the Lighthouse Service in 1939.

Pier 36 was built in 1925 by the Pacific Steamship Company which included (BLDG 1). The federal government acquired the location in 1940 for use as a regional Port of Embarkation. Pier 37 was constructed in 1941 to expand port facilities. In 1960, the facility was taken over by the Army Corps of Engineers and used as their district headquarters. In 1965, the Port of Seattle took title to both piers. In 1966, the Coast Guard got the opportunity to acquire the Pier 36 complex from the Army, and at last could have a home for all of the Seattle based units and their support facilities that were scattered all over Seattle.

In 1999, the Coast Guard took title to the building 7 warehouse from the Army Corps of Engineers & has been gradually renovating it for office & logistical uses. Pacific Steamship’s building (BLDG 1) remains the hub for business at the facility. BSU Seattle provides support to over 1,650 active duty & reserve CG employees assigned to numerous vessels & shore commands. As the only substantial military facility left in King County, BSU Seattle also provides key support to over 30,000 local military retirees & family members from all of the armed services.

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Electronic Systems Support Unit (ESU) Seattle
Electronic Systems Support Unit (ESU) Seattle is located on Pier 36 on Seattle’s south waterfront. The unit consists of 84 active duty, reserve, and civilian personnel in six locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the offices at Pier 36 in Seattle, Washington, ESU includes five detached locations:
ESD Coos Bay, Oregon
ESD Astoria, Oregon
ESD Port Angeles, Washington
ESDD Portland, Oregon
ESD Seattle, Washington
ESU Seattle provides technical support for all Coast Guard electronic systems operated in the Pacific Northwest.The unit maintains a wide variety of electronics equipment on small boats, shore units, and patrol boats through an electronics maintenance contract. This contract is monitored by Quality Assurance Evaluators (QAEs) at the ESU’s detachments. In addition, ESU has a small number of technicians to assist larger cutters and with electronics project coordination.

ESU Seattle’s Networks Branch maintains and supports Coast Guard-owned telephone systems, including switches and associated telephone wiring, and Coast Guard-owned microwave systems. The ESU also supports data networks and telephone circuits. Much of this support is provided through Network Shops at the detachments, at Pier 36 in Seattle, and at the detail in Portland, Oregon. In addition, in-depth technical network work is done at Pier 36 in Seattle.

ESU Seattle’s Service Operations Branch provides a wide range of support for Coast Guard computer workstations. This includes technical assistance and user support. Work in the field is performed primarily by Regional System Managers (RSMs) at the ESU’s detachments. ESU provides technical support through the computer support staff at Pier 36. ESU Seattle is physically located in the 13th Coast Guard District and is under administrative direction of the C4IT Service Center , Field Services Division.

Coast Guard nautical Museum Northwest displays nautical items, ship models, Coast Guard memorabilia and more than 15,000 photographs dating from the mid-1800’s. Extensive periodicals and research materials are also available.

Naval Engineering Support Unit, Seattle WA is a sub-command of Base Seattle, WA and operates under the technical authority of the Industrial Operations Division, Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC). NESU Seattle is chartered by the SFLC IOD to provide maintenance assistance to all cutters and boats as directed by IOD. NESU Seattle provides hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E), and ordnance maintenance augmentation to cutters through Maintenance Augmentation Teams (MATs). NESU Seattle is organized into two divisions: Maintenance & Weapons Augmentation Teams and the Reserve Division. In addition the department coordinates with Industrial Production Facility Ketchikan. The MATs provide organizational and depot maintenance support to cutters as resources permit.