Navy Base Kitsap

Navy Base Kitsap is named after the peninsula it is located on, in Washington. The base is relatively new on the military map of the United States of America. That is because it doesn’t have a very rich past. In fact, it is around nine years old. It was founded in 2004 after two close bases got united – Naval Submarine Base Bangor and Naval Station Bremerton. The base is commanded by Captain Pete Dawson and is one of the largest in the state. It hosts around 13,000 military troops, close to 13,000 civilian workers and about 10,000 contractors. It is he home for the fleet over West Puget Sound. Other than that, its mission implies providing full support and services for all the submarines and ships “parked” on site. In 2005, it was awarded as the best base owned and operated by the United States Navy. It is its largest base in the northwestern part of the country and the third largest one in the country. Among its records, you can count the most important fuel deposits and the status of one of the four shipyards with nuclear properties in the United States of America.

The history of Navy Base Kitsap dates back to 2004 and doesn’t include any major events. However, its real history begins with the history of the two bases that form it. Bangor was founded in 1942, as the United States of America were preparing to join World War II. It was a shipping point in the military plan and only dealt with operations in the Pacific Theater. The place was then expanded and after a huge process of improvements and renovations, it was turned into a permanent base in 1945. During the Korean War and the Vietnam War, Bangor has not changed its objectives at all. It remained an ammunition depot that only dealt with shipments in the problematic areas.
On the other hand, Bremerton has a less significant history. It didn’t really play a role in the popular wars of the 20-th century. Instead, some of the most significant acts in its history imply the 2009 protests and the 2010 electric vehicles. In 2009, a group of protesters gathered around and cut the fences, then got to the area where some nuclear warheads were stored and placed some banners. The whole area was sprayed. They were all arrested. In 2010, the base purchased the first hybrid vehicle in the United States Navy.

2004 was the year when both these bases ceased existing independently. They got together as Navy Base Kitsap and work in a tight collaboration today.

Multiple units came and left Navy Base Kitsap over the years. There is no such thing as a permanent unit, but just a lot of tenant and temporary units. When it comes to the submarines and warships hosted on site, things are different. Bangor can brag with USS Ohio, USS Henry M. Jackson, USS Nevada or USS Jimmy Carter, among many others. Bremerton is not as varied and only relies on four models.