Naval Station Everett

Naval Station Everett is currently the most advanced and modern military base owned and run by the United States Navy. The facility is located in the city with the same name, in the western side of Washington. It is only 40 km away from Seattle. The base is not just among the most modern ones, but also one of the youngest. It was established in 1987. There are around 6,000 individuals hosted on site, including sailors, civilians and contractors. The base also hosts a couple of destroyers, a buoy tender, an aircraft carrier that operates with nuclear power and three frigates.

NS Everett cannot brag with an old and impressive history. In fact, it is so young that it missed the most important wars of the 20-th century. Its history dates back to 1983. John Lehman, who was the US Navy secretary back then, was looking for a spot to establish a new military facility, only because the other ones in Washington were too crowded. The purpose of this new base was obvious – to help dispersing the fleet from the nearby sites. The initiative was highly appreciated by the Congress, which accepted this new idea right away. In 1984, the authorities picked Everett, as the local part seemed like a great location. The funds were allocated in the autumn of 1986 and the groundbreaking ceremony was held one year later, on November, 9-th, 1987. The almost 500 meter long pier was awarded by the US Navy as soon as it was done. The construction costs raised to more than $50 million.
NS Everett benefited from a special complex as well, which was built in the early ’90s. It came in with a new groundbreaking ceremony too. The initial transitioning times began after this construction was over. It included both units and services. A third ceremony was held in 1994, when the actual base was activated and became fully functional. For many individuals, this is the real beginning of the naval station. There were more than a thousand guests attending this third ceremony.

NS Everett is the most modern base in the United States Navy, therefore the facilities on site have to stand up to the expectations. Those who are deployed there have no reasons to feel like foreigners. The US Navy has made all the efforts to make people feel like home. There are family centers, community clubs, an exchange, a commissary, educational offices and schools, not to mention about a chapel. The multitude of shops is organized on particular niches. For instance, there is a popular thrift shop, as well as a complete auto hobby store.When after recreational activities, there are a lot of courts for basketball and other similar sports. There are also pubs and bars for relaxation.

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The history of NS Everett is relatively short, so the number of ships that came and left is insignificant. There are, however, six ships hosted on site, such as USS Rodney M. Davis, USS Abraham Lincoln or USS Shoup.