Naval Air Hospital Bremerton

Naval Hospital Bremerton is a community hospital that deals with a wide array of operations and specialties, including primary and basic care, emergency care, obstetrics or surgical operations. The hospital is as complete as it can be. It is not among the largest institutions in the United States of America though. It can only host 36 beds at this time, but it has the capacity to expand to 72 beds. Despite its size, the naval hospital is responsible for three other smaller institutions in the area as the parent command. It is located in Kitsap County, in the western side of Washington, right between NBK (Naval Base Kitsap) Bangor and NBK Bremerton.

Naval Hospital Bremerton has an obvious mission to support the military troops and their families whenever the situation arises. The medical center describes itself as an excellent care center, but what is more important, is that it can help those in need anywhere and anytime. The military medicine is a particular field that implies more than just professionalism and dedication, but also speed and the capacity to spot the opportunities. The research operations and training missions conducted at this center only improve this specific field, while they also prepare the warfighters for a continuous deployment wherever they are needed. Its vision is to be among the premier clinical centers in the United States of America and it does it very well.

In order to stand up to the expectations and provide the best services, the professionals at Naval Hospital Bremerton guide themselves by a few basic rules and principles. The superior service is among one of those principles, while the respect and care towards each patient are just as important. In fact, every patient is the most important one until the case is solved. The high quality and low risky situations are part of the game too, not to mention about the teamwork. For those who work together at this hospital, the staff represents a second family. This is one of the definitive factors that help with the good going of the institution.

The services you can benefit from at Naval Hospital Bremerton are widely varied. Since the hospital is the main command for three other institutions, it is by far one of the most complete medical installations in the United States of America. The family medicine is one of the main fields. You can also rely on dental medicine, internal medicine, ENT – Ear, Nose, Throat, obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery operations and so on. The SARP (Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program) is a unique facility within a military medical installation. You also got preventive medicine, orthopedics and pharmacy. All in all, you got anything you might need in the military field.

Naval Hospital Bremerton is also one of the most active medical institutions in the country. A regular day at the hospital implies around 1400 visits, 65 emergency visits, 200 dental medicine visits, 1900 prescriptions, 10 surgeries and 2 babies. It is an amazing activity, especially since this is a military facility.